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If you're not familiar with Parsons, Kansas take a look around. We have alot to offer. Take time to look the site over and check back weekly to see what else has evolved. To browse businesses start at the menu to the left. Businesses are listed alphabetically and by type.


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I want to do more to support Parsons, but how do I know who's locally owned? Just look for the decal.

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Basic overview

What is all this?

Good question. is one part of a local campaign to make aware, the local populace, of the abilities, products and services provided by locally owned businesses. As well as productive reasons for shopping local. I believe support of local business is an important key in the health of our local community. From more entertainment and shopping to unique and useful items provided locally. I hope you will join me in this campaign to make our community a strong and growing one. Each and every person in Parsons can benifit from this.

Who Will I Find Here?

Local People

This site is for promotion of locally owned businesses only. You will not find any "big box stores" or giant discount stores here. To be on this site your business must be locally owned.

But they don't have...

No, they don't but......

.....they might if you ask.

Smaller, locally owned businesses have a tendacy to cater to people given the chance. Although they don't have the deep pockets that "big business" has to stock an enormous amount of product I know for a fact that many local shopkeepers and tradesmen will bend over backwards to win your business.

Taxes Taxes

Mute point

I've heard many arguments about the generation of tax money by the big stores. It all translates into dollars spent. These same dollars spent locally generate the same tax dollars that they would spent with stores that funnel money out of our community. However, their is a bonus to spending the money locally. People tend to spend the bulk of their money where they live, its a fact. This money, that is the profit of the local merchant is spent again locally generating even more tax dollars and revenue for other businesses.

Support Local?

Are you kidding?

We've all had at least one bad experience with a business I agree. Keep in mind we are all humans and we do make mistakes, give them another try. If they mess up again let them know, do it in a kind way though. Done harshly it will only make you a new enemy. Most merchants will listen to you and take it to heart if they care at all about their business. If they don't you can always take your money elsewhere, their are plenty of merchants that will listen.

Kinda High

Don't ya think?

Dollars do matter, that's a fact. In a world with tighter budgets, shrinking profit margins and more jobs being farmed out of country everyday price can make a difference. Sometimes a huge difference. Keep in mind that even though the bargain stores do have a lower price they are often operating on a much higher profit margin that another store selling the same item for a dollar more. Many of the local merchants simply do not have the buying power of the larger stores. However, this is more than made up for in service, quality, and knowledge.


Let's Compare

Many studies have shown that large retailers actually reduce the amount and quality of jobs in a community. This is refered to in some cases as "job displacement".


Encouraging Boycotting?

We are in no way asking anyone to boycott any business of any sort. We are, however, trying to give you some food for thought and a directory of businesses that the support of will build a stronger Parsons.



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